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Concrete Grinding Perth

Are you located in or near Perth and looking for customized concrete grinding solutions? Polished Concrete Perth can help. Our experienced team is the ideal partner for concrete grinding. We’ve been providing concrete grinding services in and around Perth for longer than you can imagine, impressing our customers with our professional solutions and friendly demeanors.

We use the latest equipment to offer a high-quality finish that’s sure to please commercial and residential customers alike. Whether you’re looking for concrete grinding services to prepare a warehouse floor (there’s nothing worse than getting a forklift stuck or tipped on a bumpy floor!) or a residential floor.

There are lots of reasons to consider giving Polished Concrete Perth a call if you’re looking for customized solutions. Not only will our concrete grinding help make sure your slab is ready for new flooring, but we’ll make sure that slab is flat and level so that you don’t have to worry about reducing the quality of the flooring.

Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Not sure if concrete grinding is the right solution for your home or business? Chances are, it probably is.

If you’re interested in concrete grinding for your business, like in a warehouse, you'll make your floors far more safe and efficient to use. Uneven floors can cause vehicles or even people to fall, tilt, or topple. That’s a hazard you don’t want to deal with - and neither does your liability insurance! Bumpy, uneven floors can also put unnecessary stress on machinery, causing breakdowns, lost productivity, and extra money spent on maintenance over time.

With our concrete grinding services, you won’t have to worry about your operations being shut down when these issues could have been prevented.

And if you’re a residential customer, there are plenty of reasons to consider concrete grinding, too. For starters, concrete grinding is essential if you are preparing a new or existing slab for a floor. You need to have things flat, level, and smooth or you're going to damage or reduce the quality of the flooring.

Concrete grinding can save you both time and money on overall maintenance. It will make your commercial or residential concrete far more durable and can dramatically enhance the value and curb appeal of my property. It can make your concrete look brand new again, and can even transform it into a smoother space that’s safe for kids, pets, and customers alike.

Finally, concrete grinding can help expand the lifespan of your concrete. Sure, you’ll spend money on it now - but it will prolong its life span and make it a worthwhile, long-lasting investment.

Process Of Concrete Grinding

The process of concrete grinding will vary depending on what kind of surface you are preparing and where. However, there are essentially four steps involved in the concrete grinding process. We follow these to a T but aren’t afraid to make adjustments based on your needs, budget, and goals.

First, we will start by preparing the area. We’ll carefully clean the entire concrete surface and remove any existing paint, adhesive, or sealer. If you want a new effect from the surface, we can also put on a new topping that contains any desired decorative additives (like glass).

Then, we’ll grind down the concrete using our patented diamond grinding machine. As with our polishing services, we will start with a coarse pad and then progress to finer pads as needed. Next, we’ll seal and densify the surface. A sealing solution is added both during and after grinding to help fill up any tiny holes. Then, we’ll use a densifier solution to strengthen the concrete and make it impossible for imperfections to permeate.

Finally, we’ll polish using our multi-step polishing process as described above. We’ll pick up where we left off with grinding, using pads that become progressively finer until we get the desired level of gloss. Not sure that you can afford concrete grinding? The cost of your job will vary depending on a multitude of factors (such as the condition and size of the floor along with the level of polishing required), but trust us - the cost is always worth it. You’re sure to love the results!
Worn down by all the other options? Stop the search and put your trust in the team at PCP. We offer all the solutions you need to take your home from blah to beautiful. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote.
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