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Polished Concrete Perth

We provide exquisite, exceptional-quality polished concrete across the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. 

And it’s not just polished concrete we have to offer. We’ll provide you with all these services you need to make your design dreams come true.

Our Concrete Polishing Services

From concrete grinding to concrete polishing, epoxy floors and more, we've got you covered. Polished Concrete Perth is the name to know and a leader in concrete polishing in Perth, Australia. We set the highest standards for others to follow, combining our knowledge, passion, expertise, and commitment to make sure your expectations are not only met - but surpassed.

To name a few, we offer:
● Epoxy flooring
● Concrete polishing and grinding
● Maintenance support
● Surface preparation
● Outdoor areas
● Benchtops
● Fire hearths
● Furniture
● Sealing

And much more!
Polished Concrete Floor
Perth Australia

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Our Concreting Company Values

1 - Safety
So maybe concrete grinding and polishing isn’t the most dangerous industry - that doesn't matter. We make safety a number one concern. When we come into your home or business to work, we will not only make sure our technicians are trained according to the latest safety standards, practices, and guidelines, but we will do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable and secure, too.

2 - Quality Of Work

At Polished Concrete Perth, we pride ourselves on continued education. We keep up to date with the latest international design trends and innovations. The result of all this training? We bring to you the highest quality finishes and protect your polished concrete with our full suite of concrete finishing services.

3 - Customer Service

You want service - and we have just what you’re looking for. We don’t believe that quality service comes in a cookie-cutter fashion. Each of our concrete solutions is tailored uniquely to your needs as the customer. We will work with you to design a product and a solution that is unique to your goals and budget.

Perth Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete Polishing Perth


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If you’re going to invest the time and money on a concrete floor, you want it to look great. We can help you out.

A well-polished floor will have a glossy, mirror-like finish. You can choose from just about any color or create unique patterns (or embed aggregates or other interesting objects!) into your floor before polishing, too. There are different levels of concrete polishing that can be used to control the reflectivity of the floor.

As part of the concrete polishing process, we’ll use a sealer that will sink deep into the concrete to protect it from the inside out. This will harden and densify the concrete to significantly reduce the amount of maintenance you need to use, and we’ll also use a commercial polishing compound to give it that extra dash of shine. Of course, we’ll clean up any residue left behind, too.
Concrete Grinding Perth


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Our concrete grinding process is not unlike sanding wood. We’ll use progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated grits to grind down the surface to your desired level of shine and smoothness. We’ll remove any blemishes, pits, or stains to get the floor ready for a final smoothing.

Our crews are highly experienced and know exactly what grit to use to give you that perfect finish. We take a close look at the floor surface and will work with you to get your floors where they need to be.
Epoxy Flooring Perth


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At Polished Concrete Perth, we also handle epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor resin  coatings adhere to concrete far better than paint, giving your floor a more dramatic look that no paint or finish can match. Not only that, but epoxy-finished floors are waterproof, mold-proof, and mildew-proof. We offer epoxy flooring finishes in many different custom colors and can even add in decorative color flakes.
Polished Concrete Benchtops Perth


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Here at PCP, we also specialize in polished concrete benchtops. Rock-solid and durable, your benchtop will last you a lifetime when properly sealed and maintained.
Polished Concrete

Why Choose An Experienced Polished Concrete Contractor?

There are plenty of reasons to choose an experienced polished concrete contractor rather than trying to DIY an entire project yourself. 

Polished concrete tends to be much cheaper than other popular flooring options, like vinyl, carpeting, and linoleum. It’s also easy to maintain. Polished concrete is known for its durability. While other flooring materials, like hardwood, chip and dent over time, concrete can last hundreds of years when it’s properly maintained.

Sure, you might be able to tackle a small weekend concrete project yourself. But there’s no reason to. We know everything there is to know about building forms, concrete mixing, and applying decorative finishes. Let us handle the dirty work - you can relax. 

Our floors are easy to care for and will last a lifetime. We make sure the job is done right the first time - and on budget - so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


I’ll admit it - I was hesitant to hire someone to finish the floors in our kitchen. Cliff was very professional and set my mind at ease and delivered a service that was truly second to none. I can’t recommend them enough.


It’s rare to find a flooring company that has skilled workers that are quite as friendly and professional as Cliff and his team. They were not only knowledgeable and kind, but also quick and productive. I'd highly recommend them for all of your concrete needs!


I’m absolutely thrilled to have worked with these guys. Their team were friendly and professional and our floor looks fantastic. Couldn't recommend them more!


Transform Your Most Valuable Asset

Your home is your most valuable asset. With decades’ worth of experience, we will provide you with durable, stylish, and unique floors (and other surfaces!) to help upgrade your home to a true masterpiece. We produce floors that look and feel amazing - along with these other benefits.
● Our floors are cool in the summer, helping reduce your energy expenses
● You can reduce allergens by removing carpet and upgrading to concrete
● We offer a range of styles and designs to match your decor
● You can put new life into your old concrete floors with our concrete restoration services
● Our friendly technicians get the job done right - the first time - and on budget
● Our finished product will require little maintenance, but we’ll be here for everything you need
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Professionally Polished Concrete Floors In Perth

Curious about how polished concrete works? It’s a complicated, multi-step process - but at Polished Concrete Floors Perth, we are experts at what we do.

Polished concrete is considered a green flooring system, meaning it’s good for your home while also being good for the environment. We start by mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing a floor with bonded abrasives. This is done to cut the surface. We then refine the floor with each step to give it a more customized appearance. 
Our unique process also includes the use of a hardener, a penetrant chemical that gets deep into the concrete and creates a chemical reaction that both hardens and dust-proofs the surface. We will also use special grinding tools to get a fine, luxurious sheen to your surface. We can even add colors or designs before we are done, too!
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Professional Concrete Polishers

At Polished Concrete Perth, we offer everything you need for a job well done. From concrete polishing and grinding to epoxy floors and concrete benchtops, our services are delivered with the best service, quality, and attention to detail and safety.

What are you waiting for - are you ready to learn more? Get a free quote today by contacting us today!.
We follow the local guidelines for permits before work can take place. We follow all industry guidelines of quality concrete services.
Perth Concrete Polishing

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